What should we know when planning our beach portraits?

I've put together a few simple tips here that will help you better prepare for your photo session. This will ensure an effective and harmonious running of the shoot. Maybe this is your first time in front of the camera so keep on reading and everything will be just fine.

For outdoor portraits, stick to lighter tones and pastels (these will give the most pleasing results.) Also, try to avoid prints and patterns. This is so the clothing does not become predominant over the individuals themselves.

Bare feet! … if someone does not want to take their shoes off it is ok. Just try and get them to wear light socks and light colored shoes if possible.

Avoid strapless! Everyone looks better in shirts and dresses with sleeves than straps, strings, or ties. Bare shoulders can be distracting and make ladies appear larger.

No short skirts! Sit down in your dress or skirt and make sure you will not feel uneasy due to the length sitting in the sand.

Watch thin whites! White or a light colors. Stand in front of a bright window and look to see if you can see through it. If so, wear a slip or undershirt. For those with little girls, slips can really make a difference in the portrait.

Expect Wind! Keep in mind that WIND is a constant at the beach and we usually have it everyday! Expect your top or skirt to blow and move so choose one that will flow with it!

Hair Spray! For your hair, try and wear it up or pulled back for the shoot. This is especially important if you have shoulder length or long hair. You should use hair spray even if you don’t normally. Spray it heavily...to the point of stiff....even the men and boys.

No sunglasses. Remove your sunglasses at least an hour before you arrive for the session, to allow your eyes to adjust to the brightness even for the evening sessions. You will be able to open your eyes more easily without squinting.

Limit Lotion. Apply lotion early so that it is absorbed into skin, as the sand will stick to moist legs.